Stuff I Like

  1. Butter
  2. Red Shoes
  3. Flannel bedding
  4. Down feather pillows
  5. Sturdy braziers 
  6. Sunblock
  7. Swiss engineered tweezers
  8. Listening to lo-fi music on an old Victrola record player
  9. 19th Century Photographic techniques
  10. Breakfast cereal served throughout the day
  11. Stuffy blues clubs 
  12. Watching Bollywood movies in crowded Jaipur cinemas
  13. Anything Art Deco or Art Nouveau 
  14. That head cock gesture that dogs make when they are curious/confused
  15. Grumpy cats
  16. Bed & Breakfasts
  17. Jadite dishware
  18. Depression Glass 
  19. Steampunk ephemera
  20. The Art of Maxfield Parrish 
  21. Craftsman style homes
  22. Anything Gardenia scented
  23. Original movie scores composed by James Horner
  24. Mexican fast food joints with less than A ratings from the health department
  25. Road trips (so long as they feature the appropriate soundtrack)
  26. Getting handwritten letters and postcards in the mail
  27. Cooking with copper pots
  28. The FriendHat Podcast