Stuff I Don't Like So Much

  1. Committees
  2. Disingenuous celebrities
  3. The musical stylings of the 1990s group Color Me Badd
  4. Seminars on "Leadership"
  5. Healthcare administration seminars
  6. Tootsie Rolls
  7. The fashion choices of 1990s group Boys II Men
  8. Luncheables snacks for kids
  9. The flavor combination of toothpaste and orange juice
  10. Hangnails
  11. Paper cuts
  12. The feeling of wet jeans rubbing against your thighs
  13. Lower back tattoos
  14. Sitting on an airplane next to someone with a cold
  15. Sitting on an airplane next to someone with body odor
  16. Uneven fingernails
  17. Open caskets at funerals
  18. Chipped nail polish
  19. People who borrow my pens and then chew on the pen caps
  20. Traditional British food
  21. Horseradish
  22. Drunk guys at parties where no one else is drinking
  23. The word "chillax"