The Most Interesting Wo(Man) In The World

I am a fan of the "Most Interesting Man in the World" otherwise known as the Dos Equis Man (admire him below) and now I am on a quest to become the most interesting chick/woman/member of the fairer sex in the world...

Even his blood smells like cologne...

In order to do this I need your help!  Please e-mail me at with your suggestions for things that I can do that will in any way, shape or form make me a more interesting person and I will in turn chronicle my exploits here on the blog.  So please start sending me your ideas...

Update!  Some very kind people have sent me suggestions as to things that I need to do in order to claim the title of "The Most Interesting Chick in the World" and in no particular order here they are...

  1. Set the world record for water sliding endurance...24 hours of sliding.
  2. Challenge Steven Hawking to a chess match (may I add that this will necessitate me learning to play chess first)
  3. Karaoke with Manny Pacquiao 
  4. Drive the pace car at a NASCAR race
  5. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad its entire length in the dead of the Russian winter 
  6. Turn my 1996 Buick Roadmaster into a low rider
  7. Have a dramatic walk-on one-line on a Soap Opera 
  8. Ride the Greyhound bus line from Los Angeles to anywhere on the East Coast
  9. Spend the night in an abandoned alleged haunted house or old castle
  10. Box a kangaroo (can I just say that I do not believe in cruelty to animals)
  11. Attend Comic Con in costume
  12. Participate in a Civil War reenactment
  13. Enter a soap box derby
  14. Acquire a Black American Express card (for this suggestions I ask, is theft an acceptable option?"
  15. Dress up like Wonder Woman and actually thwart a crime in progress