About Me

My name is Whitny Braun and I live with my four indoor cats, two outdoor cats, four indoor/outdoor dogs, and a pesky porch raccoon in the big creaky old house that my grandparents bought fifty years ago when they came west to California...which I inherited...along with about six thousand square feet of stuff deposited here over the years by family, friends and that damn raccoon. I also enjoy vegetables in the deep fried form, traveling to countries where you can't drink the water, dispensing unsolicited advice about eyebrow grooming and the musical stylings of my niece making motorboat noises in the bathtub.  

I have several content areas here on my blog...

Interesting Stuff:

This is pretty self-explanatory.  If it is interesting then I will blog about here...

Pretty Stuff:

I like pretty things...jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, shiny hair, shiny fabrics, shiny patent leather shoes...well shiny things in general.  Also, I like to write about them.  So this is where I will deposit all my musing on aesthetics...enjoy.

Stuff I Found In My House:

In my quest to clean the place out I decided it might be interesting to create a digital archive of all of the bizarre items I come across each day.  So for your viewing pleasure I present..."Stuff I Found In My House."  Enjoy...

Travel Stuff:

After, eating, sleeping and breathing, travel is absolutely the most necessary function of my survival.  I can't help but post tips, trade secrets and tales from my misadventures here on the blog, so if you in fact read it, then thank you very much for indulging me.  

Stuff I Like:

If Oprah gets to have entire shows and magazines dedicated to her favorite things then gosh darn it I too should have a forum for sharing my completely useless and inconsequential opinions on food, pop culture, housewares, cat toys, etc...

Stuff I Don't Like So Much:

Stiff I don't like so much is where I get to complain to a computer and vent my frustrations...this prevents me from being a super drag at parties and family dinners.  

Living With Excellence:

The topic "Living With Excellence" is where I show you how to use white trash sensibilities and a middle class spending power to live life to the fullest!