Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Day Like Any Other...

Today was a day like any other.  I got up, brushed my teeth, got dressed, went about my affairs and then around the middle of the afternoon as I was looking at the birthday wishes written to friends on facebook it occurred to me that today would have been my grandfather's 90th birthday.

This notion of him turning 90 struck me as odd because I suppose in year's past when this day would come and go I would think to myself that he passed too soon and wonder what it would be like if he were still here.  But today two things struck me, first that I am old enough to have a grandfather that would have been 90 today and then second, that the era in which he lived and made all of his marks on the world is now passing away.

I should do due diligence to his life and give a full biography but for now I think I will just give a pictorial overview of his amazing life and attempt to write about what a wise, wonderful, honorable and amazing man he was in another post.  But I must at lease say this for now...if the universe bestowed nothing more on me than the honor of being his granddaughter then that fact alone would make make just about the luckiest kid ever.  I am not one prone towards fits of waxing poetic about how one person was better than all others but in Ernest J. Braun's case...I feel it is totally justified.

And now please enjoy a look into the life of the most awesome grandpa of all time!

Neighbor Dorothy Kelley with my Grandpa Ernie in the
middle, holding hands with his brother Lester Braun
Chicago, circa 1924

Ernie Braun as a third grader at Gage Park Elementary
School in Chicago, Illinois

Ernie as a "Patrol Boy" or hall monitor at Gage Park
Elementary School

Ernie's high school yearbook picture
Circa 1937-38

High School Senior Portrait
Circa 1940

In the chemistry lab at Emmanuel Missionary College
which would later become Andrews University in Berrien
Springs, Michigan around 1942

Grandpa in his dorm room at EMC

Grandpa and his friend Buddy fishing in the North Woods

June 12th, 1944
Marriage to Dorothy Mae Govan
South Side SDA Church
Chicago, Illinois
Pictured left to right: Edmond Braun, Anna Braun
Ernie Braun, Dorothy Mae Govan, Esther and Matthew Govan

Ernie & Dorothy's Christmas Card Photo

Ernest J. Braun, MD
Graduation from the College of Medical Evangelists
now Loma Linda University, Class of 1949

Ernie and Dorothy in the lab

Ernie, Dorth and daughters Lyndi and
Jan and son Jimmy in 1960

The good doctor on call...

In the Nuclear Medicine Department at
White Memorial Medical Center.

Grandpa as I knew him...
Matt my cousin and myself in our 1980s Christmas onesies

Ernie and Dorothy's 50th Wedding Anniversary Portrait