Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bacon as Metaphor for Joie de Vivre

Today's post is a photo essay that I like to think captures one creature's longing for meaning in life.  In the case of this little soul, bacon is life, and thus the longing for bacon is tantamount to man's yearning for that something special...that existential purpose...that joie de vivre.

I think the title of this post is going to be the title of the next paper I write to present at a conference.  I can make an entire PowerPoint chronicling Odie's eternal struggle to satisfy her lust for bacon.  I smell a jury prize at the AAR next year.

"Do I smell bacon...I am pretty sure I smell bacon..."

"I'm sure of it...I know you have bacon but
you are hiding it from me!"

"Anguish...what is life if not for the bacon?" said Odie, this
time in a French accent.

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Crystalanity said...

I heart your brain...