Monday, July 25, 2011

Hey, Apple...wanna buy my amateur photography?

Plum Smoke Tree Foliage (also an excellent color palette
for the next time I redecorate my room)

I had thought briefly about entitling this post, "Summer in the Sierras:  A Photographic Retrospective"...but that just sounded pretentious and the kind of post that a bunch of your friends on facebook would "like" and then talk about what an affected pain in the rear you were later when you couldn't hear them.  So I decided to go with a plea to Apple to see if they wanted to buy my amateur snapshots of the property here in the shadow of Yosemite National Park to include in their desktop image folder under "System Preferences".  Somehow I don't think I should wait around for a call.  But...please, dear friends on the internet, feel free to use these pictures for whatever you want...even if just to ridicule me.

This is the same plant featured in the first picture...but depending on
what time of day you photograph it and the intensity of the sun it can
appear to have a completely different palette of hues and tones.
Wow...I sound like Martha Stewart.  But don't worry...
I am not engaging in securities fraud or insider trading.  

Every afternoon the leaves on this tree turn crimson in the sunlight.

Tell me this picture doesn't make you long for
 maple syrup drizzled over a waffle?

This is a wild flower that has been spreading all over the meadow.
If you blow on it the little flower buds blow apart like a dandelion.  

Weeds...albeit gorgeous ones.

More of this unidentified wild flower.

This is the leaf of an as yet unidentified species of weed
that has been popping up all over the foothills of the
 Sierras this summer.  It feels like velvet...
which makes it a classy weed.

The Dorothy Mae

My friend Andie thinks this meadow looks like the one from
 "Twilight".  I keep checking but so far I haven't seen any
vampires that sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight.
 I'll keep you all posted though.

...and here we have the road home.  If you look very closely
in the bottom center of the picture you will see a little red dog.
That's my Ling on patrol.  

Finally, we have Antione and Fiona...the two frogs that hang out
in the pond next to the house sunning themselves all day.
I think they might have the best life of any couple I have
ever met...mammal or amphibian.

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