Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day...101 Years Later

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!  I thought today was an appropriate day to share this little gem I found in my attic.  It's a Saint Patrick's Day card mailed to my Great-great grandfather Ed Braun on March 14th, 1910 and received on March 17th, 1910...and for those of you who aren't great at math...yes, that is 101 years ago today!

One of the things that I love most about this postcard is the fact that it is simply addressed to "Mr. Edward Braun, Barstow, California".  It just makes me imagine the postmaster riding into the dusty pueblo that was Barstow at the turn of the century and just standing in the middle of town hollering, "Hey, anybody seen Ed?...I got a letter for him."  Then some railroad worker would wander past and go, "Oh, you're looking for Ed?  Yeah, he's down at the market buying some Moxie soda, want me to take that postal card to him friend?"  

I better stop myself before I write an entire screenplay about life in Barstow.  Anyway, happy St. Paddy's day everyone...

Oh yeah...and here's a picture of Ed in
Barstow in 1910

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kcy said...

I love this! How appropriate and beautiful. Can you read the writing well enough to transcript it for us?