Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Century Old Valentines

One of the perks of living in a house where no one has gotten around to throwing anything away in the last fifty years is you find little gems like these hundred year old Valentines in filing cabinets in the attic.  So for the history buffs, lovers of vintage ephemera and free clip art enthusiasts out there I present three early twentieth century Valentines...

Postmarked February 11, 1910

Postmarked February 3, 1910

Postmarked February 14th, 1911

These postcards are from the collection of my great-grandfather Edmond Braun who was a brakeman for the Santa Fe Railroad in Barstow, California (hence the address on the cards).  These cards pre-date his meeting my great-grandother Anna Maria Pavlik, a Harvey Girl stationed at the Harvey House in Barstow in 1912.  Their story and their letters are coming up later this week...but here's a preview of them...

Edmond Theodore Braun (1889-1980)
Anna Maria Pavlik (1893 - 1975)

Ed & Anna in Barstow
Circa 1914

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