Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CBS Cares - "Family Jewels" Testicular Cancer PSA [High Quality Version]

Enough already!  Someone needs to tell CBS to stop suggesting appropriate gifts to give our loved ones on special occasions.  Last Christmas they suggested that Gentile men give the woman in their life, "the gift that not even Santa can bring..." of a pap smear and then told Jewish men to schedule her "just a little shmear."  Call me crazy but I just don't want to hear the word my grandmother used for anything put atop a bagel in the same context as scraping the inside of a woman's cervix.  Now this year they are telling me to give the woman in their life something special for Valentine's Day by scheduling themselves a testicular exam.  Yeah, nothing says romance to me like you making an appointment to have another person examine your "boys".  Life I said before...enough already CBS!


Brandon Talbot said...

THIS HAS BEEN KILLING ME EVERY TIME I SEE IT! Everything about it, from the dialogue to the background to the silk pajamas to the fact that I have no idea who the creepy dude is, utterly destroys me every time it's on. And besides How I Met Your Mother or The Big Bang Theory, I don't watch CBS, yet I have seen this PSA enough times to quote it.

Whitny said...

I am pretty sure this guy is a convicted sex offender who is doing this as part of his parol.

Cat trap said...

Can you imagine...."honey, guess what I got you for Valentine's Day?" A ball awesome is that!