Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ladies, Babies & Laguna Beach

 Every year my sister-in-law (technically she is the wife of my cousin Matt who is like my brother...but because I adore her and its just easier overall I call her my sister-in-law) and her friends from high school meet up for a little reunion.  Though I am not from their original circle of bff's they are kind enough to let me tag along.  This year they were also kind enough to let me try out my new Nikon D3100.  Here are the results...

Melanie, Stephanie, Megan, Kirsten and Michelle
Charlie, Vivienne and Ali B'duh (my niece)
B'duh...I can't get enough of this kid!  

Kirsten, B'duh and the lovely Megan
Look at those adorable feet!
Stephanie with little Vivienne and Kir with B'duh
I have nothing clever to say about this one...
Look at my pretty sister-in-law and fabulous niece
Handsome Charlie with his beautiful mom Megan
Look at that neck control!

I can't help but admire the B'duh
We're just missing Riley and Matt (B'duh sister and daddy)

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Margaret said...

Your new camera is a winner, Whitny! Gorgeous photos, though a beautiful beach with sunset light, and the world's prettiest models are an enabling blend. . . !