Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let's All Sing Christmas Carols in STEREOPHONIC!

Merry Christmas to me!  I am just going to start calling my house Santa because it just keeps giving and giving!  I mean what says Christmas more than this 1961 vinyl classic aptly titled "Let's All Sing Christmas Carols"?

Let's All Sing Christmas Carols

Now I am a little concerned about the children on this album cover though.  My first concern is that they are really bad actors.  I mean c'mon are they supposed to look surprised, fearful, joyous?  Frankly my first thought when I saw this was that kids were looking down into a grave but then I thought, nah that doesn't make sense.  So then I reasoned from the bricks they are shown leaning on that they must be looking down a chimney.  So if they are looking down a chimney and one kid appears to have a look of fear on his face, while the little girl appears to be surprised and the boy on the right seems to about to laugh I can only surmise that they have stumbles across Santa delivering presents down their chimney in the nude.  Clearly, its the only logical conclusion.  Wouldn't you agree?

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