Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Really Does Come Twice A Year!

Okay I am back at it with my blog.  I took a little hiatus to recover from an ear infection and while I was convalescing I found a stash of hidden gems in the cupboards above my closet...about 70 vinyl albums with original covers stacked neatly behind an off brand Thigh-Master.  Finding this cache of recording gems made me realize that Christmas really does come twice a year!

The album on the top of the stack that I pulled down first was this retro gem:

Christmas With The King Family
The back of the album cover features this scintillating description of just what lies in store for you when you put this album down on the old turntable:

"Christmas with The King Family has always been a time of music, a time of singing.  One of the first Christmases the Kings can remember was the eve papa King Driggs pulled up to the family house with a car load of oddly wrapped packages, a violin, a clarinet, drums, the makings of the Driggs Family of Entertainers.  Each year since, the growing King Family has spent musically:  exchanging presents together on Christmas eve, and singing.  Singing as a whole family, with its eight branches presenting their own show of Christmas songs.

This album is such a Christmas, with the traditional songs the Kings all love...the Al Burt carols, Bill Drigg's own composition, "Holiday of Love," their own traditional song "Hear the Sledges with the Bells," and many, many others.  It is an album of warmth, of sincerity.  It is a family Christmas album in every sense."

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess by the condition of the vinyl that this bad boy has never been taken for a spin.

Who knew Diane Sawyer was a member of the singing King Family?

So if anyone is planning on coming by my house this Christmas you can be sure that there will be lots of sparkling cider and Special K loaf and of course "Christmas With The King Family".


Ryan DeRamos said...

Whit, you definitely must report how the combination of Special K loaf + sparkling cider + 'Christmas With The King Family' goes together. Sounds like a winning trio! If/when you do, I'll link to it at FoodBoozeTunes! :-)

xposition said...

I just imagine a delusional man--calling himself Papa King Driggs--forcing his family to feverishly learn to play these random orchestral instruments a week before Xmas at backhand point. Those smiles on the cover aren't real--they can't be! They're victims of the 50s nuclear household (except King Papa Driggs, of course)

Whitny said...

I bet Papa King Driggs is also the name of a boogie man in the Louisiana bayou. (Shiver)