Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nocky's Treasure Box

As promised yesterday, here is the treasure box of my great-great-grandmother, Ekaterina Zaharudnikova Pavlikova, a.k.a Kate Pavlik, a.k.a "Nocky"(c. 1866 - 1951).  I acquired this little treasure box when I was about 13 when my grandmother Dorothy, who was the granddaughter-in-law of Nocky gave it to me.  I was looking for something to store my little treasures and keepsakes in and Grandma Dorothy pulled this out of a cupboard in her room and said I could have it.  According to her, Nocky had given her this box back in 1949-1950 when they were living together in Chicago, saying that she knew my grandmother would take good care of it for her.  Flash forward fifty years and my grandmother gave it to me telling me the same exact thing.  Now it sits atop my bureau and holds my locket, a shell I found on the beach when I was a kid and an antique cosmetic case that belonged to my grandmother.  Hopefully someday I will have a granddaughter of my own to give it to...

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