Saturday, November 20, 2010

Edgar A. Guest Poem Clipping, "Wishes"

My Grandma Dorothy passed away in 2007 and ever since then I have been finding little things of her's around my house...well I guess it is more appropriate to say that I have been finding little things of her's in her house.  In her top desk drawer I found this little newspaper clipping, next to a letter from her dad (my great-grandpa) from 1957 and a copy of his death certificate from 1958.  The little clipping is of a poem written by Edward A. Guest entitled, "Wishes".  I think it was from a Los Angeles area paper in the 1950s but I can't be sure.  The backside of the clipping just has an address for Rivara Supply Company located at 120 N. 9th Street near McKinley School.  I tried to google map the address and I found a corresponding address in San Pedro, California near the port of Los Angeles and then other addresses that matched in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Manhattan Beach...but none are located near a McKinley School.  So I am pretty much at square one as to where this little poem was originally published.  However, it doesn't matter much.  I just like the fact that I have something of her's that she thought was profound enough or touched her enough that she took the time to cut it out.  

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