Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vintage Hypodermic Needles

It's Halloween and today as I was looking through my grandfather's old metal cabinets in the attic for accessories for my costume I came across a drawer labeled "syringes".  And no my grandfather was not a serial killer...he was a doctor during the glorious age of house calls and kept medical supplies in a cool little black leather bag that he carried with him in the middle of the night to deliver babies and cure women of "hysteria" and all sorts of good stuff like that.  Anyway, in the drawer labeled "syringes" I found, as you might expect syringes...Grandpa was a pretty straight forward guy that way.  These two cool little vintage hypodermic needle sets were also in there and I decided to post them up here.  I figure that maybe some student somewhere who needs to put together a PowerPoint presentation on the history of medicine or at least medical supplies can borrow this picture and wow and amaze their professor.  So to that one student out there who might use this picture...I say you're welcome.


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Ryan DeRamos said...

Way cool, Whit! (And welcome to the wonderful world of web-logging!) What was your Halloween costume?